Monday, February 08, 2010

Amnesty International “collaborating” with pro-jehadis

An insider accuses an NGO of being pro-jihadi and is kicked out. Amnesty fights for human rights and freedom of speech for speech for jihadis but cant afford to give these liberties to its own employees. Sigh!
The Hindu : National : Amnesty International in row over “collaborating” with pro-jehadis
Amnesty International was on Monday at the centre of a growing row after one of its own senior officials accused it of “collaborating” with suspected pro-jehadi elements in the name of supporting human rights.


Xinhua Ram said...

We knew this, didn't we? For whatever reason, the far Left is always pro-jehadi. And they know how to occupy human rights groups and literary awards committees.

Anonymous said...

Amen. To the list you can also add "film festivals" (particularly of the European variety) where films (actually documentary collages with faked themes, produced by our own pseudo-secular dummy intellectuals) do their "rounds" to obtain a throw-away award.