Wednesday, February 24, 2010

EC interpreting Islam

The Hindu : Front Page : Wearing burqa not an integral part of Islam: Election Commission
The Election Commission on Monday informed the Supreme Court that wearing a burqa by a Muslim woman was a mere religious custom, and not an integral part of Islam.
Now, we have the spectacle of Election Commission interpreting Islam. This should get ther rage boys of Islam all worked up.
the Commission said: “Article 25 of the Constitution does not confer unfettered rights to religious practice, but merely protects the essential or integral practice of any religion.”
While reasonable restrictions can be imposed on Freedom of Speech (guarenteed by Article 19), we have the court ruling unfettered rights to sobs like MoFo Hussain. The left-lib establishment was up in arms defending MoFo's rights. But they chose to ignore this cause of muslims women, who are being expolited by being exposed to a photographic film.
The counsel's argument that "the use of photographs in the rolls was likely to cause damage to the sentiments of Muslims as a whole" has to stand in our "secular" country.

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