Saturday, February 20, 2010

Missing Right-wing intellectualism

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Right-wing intellectualism has suffered suppression and self-marginalisation for far too long. A Saturday Special focus on the need for new initiatives

Udayan argues that missing Right-wing intellectualism is hurting India. Indeed, it is allowing left-wingers like Sidd Varadarajan to make ridiculous statement that absence of talks with Pakistan is hurting India.

Says Karan Thapar, host of a popular TV talk show: “One wishes there were non-RSS types willing to come out and articulate the conservative position, and so we have only a small pool of ‘known’ talent. But I trust the viewing public is wise enough to know that the views they express is only partisan and not representative of the vast majority of conservative Indians.”

Karan “sudden removal” Thapar’s statement shows the kind of arrogance that has become characteristic of leftist discourse. While the leftists continue to dominate the media, they are getting a good pasting on the internet. A more recent example being Vishnu Som’s hasty retreat from a Twitter discussion. But apart from this buzz from upwardly mobile section of the society, the right-wing has been pushed to insignificance in several areas.

The political right-wing is rudderless, right-wing media is almost absent and right-wing intellectualism has no footprint in mainstream discourse. Such is the dominance of the leftists that they are being condescending and outrightly dismissive of an alternative veiwpoint. This is not good for any democracy, even for one as flawed as ours. I can only hope that a strong counterweight in the right-wing emerges sooner than later.

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raag said...


It is so sad to see the present situation in India when compared to US wherein the right wing is very strong,Is it people like Karan Thapar who decides what is "Right" definition of right wing , It is people like him who foul mouth every thing which is right & how come he expects the same kind of right wing policies of west in India with a different culture & History prevailing. It is so astonishing that though we could hardly see True Left wing in the political arena when compared to the other political parties but they are in the garb of fake leftism in the form of media & academia deciding the policies & fate of India. Time has come to change this, looking at the current scenario worldwide & the history of manipulation of left & capitalism, we need strong Indian right wing to participate in the policymaking.