Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kasim Sait lapdog of cHindu rises again

cHindu has some loyal "readers" who provide their thoughts in the Opinion section. Kasim Sait is one such loyal lapdog who expresses his opinion frequently. In a letter titled Ironical Mr. Sait voices his disgust on the media who question CPIM on the WR Varada Rajan issue.
It is ironical that the media, which do not tire of spreading cynicism about the degeneration of politics and politicians, has been targeting the CPI (M) saying it has handed out excessive punishment to W.R. Varda Rajan. Is it the contempt of the corporate media towards the party that they do not give credit to it for being an upright party? Alternatively, are they regretting that they have lost an opportunity to malign it, which they could have done had the party not acted on the complaint of sexual harassment by the victim?
In a democracy, political parties exist for the enhancement of the living standards. Why not give the CPI (M) the credit due to it, and encourage it for trying to maintain purity and transparency?
Kasim Sait,

Of all the people who questioned cHindu's whitewash of this issue, it deemed Mr.Sait's thoughts as the only one deemed worthy of publishing. I need to add another bar to this level of disgust chart. (Courtesy of Doghouse)


Xinhua Ram said...

Nice one. We need a similar chart for 'level of outrage'.

Anonymous said...

Just for info.

A press note on CPM vs Paul Zacharia.

"Speaking at a book release function at Payyannur, a Marxist strong- hold in Kannur, last week, Zacharia said the CPM, like the Church, was trying to foist conservative attitudes towards sex. The first generation Communist leaders had "lavishly indulged" in sex, he said, taking advantage of their underground lives, but the present-day comrades had lost that "generous attitude"."

Incidentally was reported by PTI also.

WRV also refers to two cases of molestation in TN not taken seriously by CPM.

Is CPM going back to its roots? Party first! Idealogy - what is that?


Sudhir said...

look at the first letter here today...

so amusing in its logic...!