Monday, February 08, 2010

Clown Prince travels in local train. Big deal.

When Indian MSM reaches abysmal depths, there is cHindu to plumb the abyss to greater depths. Rahul Gandhi's "train ride" in Mumbai has touched the Indian media which has behaved like teenagers ogling a Bollywood matinee idol. Taking sadistic pleasure in the clown prince's antics, cHindu grinds its axe against Shiv Sena which made another "Mumbai for Mubaikars" stand.
For the Shiv Sena, which came out in spurts to protest his visit with black flags, Mr. Gandhi’s journey was like a slap in the face, even as he transited through its bastion Dadar while going to Ghatkopar.

The entire article would be valid statements of the clown prince's bravery if he went alone on a train. But snuck into the last few paragraphs is the real truth about the train journey,
There were about a 100 police officers with him. We escorted him as he took the over bridge to change from Western to Central.Mumbai police commissioner D. Sivanandan, who also had to ride with Mr. Gandhi till Ghatkopar, said “plan B” was only known to him. “For a policeman this can be a security nightmare but it went off well,”

Yup the clown prince needs his posse to travel in the local train. Its an event like the annual lunch the Chief Ministers have with the poor and then puke it out.


Xinhua Ram said...

Welcome back, DD.

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks much! good 2 be back.

eyesfeet said...

heyy man,why do U think Rahul Gandhi is wrong??It is an era of marketing and he knows it.Unlike silly BJP & Co. he also knows that 99.9% of ppl who vote are no intellectuals who have sense enough to understand philosophy of Mr. Advani or Arun Jaitly.Unfortunately we are nation of ppl who have been captives,slaves and mere followers for too long to break free of the mindset "ruler's son rules and follower's son follows generation after generation." While Rahul Mahajan does cheap acts on reality shows,KULDEEPAKS of congress leaders become torchbearers of family legacy-Sachin Pilot,Scindhiya.....

eyesfeet said...

and yes,while I who can reply U and can laugh over Gandhis and Digvijay Singhs,has never voted in her life and all the ppl who hail such hilarious acts of indian politics caste their votes.Here I mean the class of ppl who live in Amethi and Azamgarh villages.Who stopped Rajnath Singh from doing such things??