Saturday, February 27, 2010

Picky censorship when it comes to CPM news

(Hat tip to Prasanna Vishy for bringing this up).
cHindu has blatantly given overt support to the CPM ideology by giving it more space and time in terms of news than it deserves. From the editorials which trumpet CPM's ideologies to the lowly city news articles which toot the local Commie meetings the paper has become a red rag not even worthy of wiping one's shoes.
The recent passing away(suicide) of TN CPM leader WR Varada Rajan under suspicious circumstances raises some questions. When one checks the timeline there are articles about Late WR Varada Rajan till January. Even his protests against the Sri Lankan navy were covered. But when female CPM comrades complained to CPM high command about his alleged use of explicit SMS messages he was suspended.
cHindu did not cover the levels of acrimony between the various groups within CPM. This is detailed here in this blog post.
In contrast similar incidents with Congress, BJP and other parties got yards of coverage. cHindu shows that when it comes to CPM based news the editorial control is not in Anna Salai but somewhere else.


kuttychathan said...

Chindu and its owners always accuse Hindu organizations of intolerance. But they never tolerate even the mildest criticism, in the pages of chindu, of themselves or their Communist & Jehadi masters.

The owners of chindu support China & Iran,two nations which have the worst record in terms of human rights & tolerance.

They have now appointed an old chaprasi in their office, as the reader's editor. He faithfully spreads out his drivel every Monday in his weekly column, which anyway no reader cares even notice.

sridhar said...

Good post. The actions of the CPM revives memory of "Nikolai Bukharin" executed in March, 1938.

Also compare WRV's reference to other's misdemeanors especially in light of simillar accusations recently in Kerala (Paul Zacharia)