Thursday, February 18, 2010

Praveen Swami plumbs depths of yellow journalism

(Hat tip to Xinhua Ram and kkptn for bringing this article up)
cHindu used to be known for fair, comprehensive, conservative, reliable reporting. The "Maha Vishnu" of Mount Road was once a shining light in fair journalism. However most of those pillars have been desecrated under the fearless leadership of LiC. Praveen Swami following the glorious tradition set by his editor targets the bogeyman of "Hindutva terror" a creation of Indian MSM which has little proven evidence. He starts blaming Abhinav Bharat a little known organization for the German bakery bombing in Pune,
Last week’s bombing of the German Bakery in Pune has brought the ugly story of Abhinav Bharat — the Hindutva terrorist group Purohit helped found — back from the obscurity to which it was consigned by the Mumbai carnage, which took place just days after the trial in Nashik began.

This contradicts all evidence gathered by the various Indian investigation agencies, local police and the Pakistani organization which claimed to have conducted the bombing.
I'm not sure whether Praveen Swami is plain stupid or he wants to curry favor with the radical Islamists (like his pal Kuldip Nayar) that he makes insane claims without any proof. His only claims are based on heresy like this nugget from an unnamed Maharashtra police officer,
“Still”, says one Maharashtra police official involved in investigating both Hindutva and jihadist attacks, “you can’t help wondering — what if?”

When you are guessing why not start thinking whether the Pink Panther, Sauron and the Death Star were behind the attack? This article is leading towards defamation of Hindus as a violent crazed population without evidence and is cause for libel. There should be some effort to bring accountability into writing editorial pieces in major newspapers and not some a$$wipes.


Venkat Ramanan said...

It was irritably nauseating to read Praveen Swami's article alleging that Hindutva terrorists COULD HAVE been responsible for the recent Pune terror bombings.

I guess it's a political conspiracy to NOT name the real culprits either because they don't want to or because they can't find out who did it SO the hindutvadis become douche bags for throwing all shit on. The Hindu, being close to the Congress establishment just spins the story so that all secular morons reading it would read it, spread the word and attain orgasm.

This non-sense has to stop somewhere!! I don't watch the 24*7 news channels, so I don't know if they broadcasted this spin?

Praveen was one person whose articles I used to enjoy reading, though he always had "insights" after some terror attacks, but never before!!! Now, I shall STOP reading his articles!!

Anonymous said...

Praveen is not a first guy to say this. The other idiot, who is supposed to be strategic affairs editor but still writes on anything and everything, Sidd referred to a similar case in his article.

In the paper on February 14, 2010 for an article titled "From Mumbai to Pune, signs of a lesson learnt" Siddharth Varadarajan says "Has enough attention been paid to the network of Hindu extremists in Maharashtra who have planted bombs in the past?".


Sandesh said...

The other day in another forum, I came across a statement by a muslim who claimed that SIMI was a bogey created by BJP/RSS. It occurs to me that this is what majority of muslims do believe. And by making ridiculous claims, the media is only adding false credence to the victimization mentality of muslims. We should not forget that there is an election in bihar soon and these statements are aimed at it.

I don't understand why BJP has such poor media skills. Their leaders participate regularly in all the fake shows conducted by heavily partisan 24*7 channels. They should boycott those channels...better yet, create a channel to bring out the other perspective. It will help to BJP in the long run.

Anonymous said...

He is an 'Associate' at the 'PSRU'- Pakistan Security Research Unit, which describes itself as "PSRU is intended as a resource for anyone interested in the security of Pakistan.." looks like it s a limey front for some munnas across the border...

Sudhir said...

I have never seen a more speculative article from Praveen Swami. ever.

So from now on, the logic is simple. Whoever goes missing, is a suspect in any blast anywhere in the country. It doesn't matter if authorities don't believe.. who cares for their thoughts anyway?