Sunday, January 31, 2010

Expanding Open Page section

S.Viswanathan, we still read chindu in the vain hope that things will improve. So too, we read your columns in the hope that you might give a rare suggestion to improve things while you are at office. Opening up the editorial content to outside contributors is not a bad idea. It has taken a few months and reams of drivel before you could come up with a suggestion that could take chindu in the right direction. A good start, nevertheless.
The Hindu : Opinion / Readers' Editor : Online : ‘Public services: a positive experience’
Meanwhile, the value of the Open Page needs to be highlighted and cherished. I do hope that The Hindu will expand this section and open up more space, in print and online, for public-spirited citizens like Thomas Tharu to contribute their experiences, insights, and ideas. The Guardian’s ‘Comment is Free’ demonstrates how the editorial content of a newspaper can be greatly enriched by a variety of outside contributors, many of whom may not otherwise get a chance to break into major newspaper columns.


Sudhir said...

little self promotion :)

My two articles in the open page a while ago:)

A complicated relationship: |

The fear factor:

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

good work, sudhir. so, they do accept articles for open page.