Friday, January 22, 2010

Good article on banking regulation in U.S.

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : Return to Glass-Steagall?
A highly informative article. I sat up and took notice of the author, C.P.Chandrasekhar. I hope we get to read more such stuff from him, especially on the Indian scenario.
May be he could write a dispassionate analysis on the impact of the NREGS, whose outlay is being increase from 37,000 crores to over 60,000 crores next year. This is inspite of the scheme having an outreach of less than 6%.

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Anonymous said...

CPC (C.P. Chandrasekar is often called) is a hardcore communist calling for state intervention for anything and everything. If you want to read his weekly column (or anything regular), you can read it in Ganashakthi or Frontline. No one else would publish these "intellectual" pieces. He is a card carrying member of CPI (M) working in the CESP division of JNU (which has for long, atleast since 1991, lost its relevance). In this sense the left and the right (particularly the RSS kind) on the same side on various issues: state intervention, protect sovereignty, fight against multinationals, fight against anything sensible, etc). Surprisingly many of these guys (including frontline fame (!) Jayati Ghosh, Prabhat Patnaik, Utsha Patnaik, etc.) who are running their own websites called for the ban against computerisation. If these guys were successful, then many of you guys working in the back ofice jobs would still be jobless.
The same crowd resigned (or forced to resign) from Planning Commission in their fights against M.S. Ahluwalia over brining in foreign (many of them again studied with these guys, but studied better) experts into the Commission).

Krishnan Nair