Friday, January 22, 2010

Tabloid journalism

The Hindu : Opinion / Op-Ed : How Prince William bowled them over
This article is almost 1500 words and hardly deserves such space in an Indian newspaper. Prince William is visiting Australia, which still bows to the English royalty. So, it makes sense if England and Australia are going gaga over it. But surely, we have our own issues. Besides, the English have lost their competencies in manufacturing, services, etc. The only thing that they have left to show to the world is their royal family. It is what drives their tourism economy. If they are writing 1500 words about Prince William in British tabloids and newspapers, it is because it serves as advertisement.

Why is chindu publishing this article? Is this chindu's own version of cash for news?

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Anonymous said...

Hey come on, that was a really well-written article. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And this kind of article is a part-parcel of journalism, where not every news has to be serious. And talking about the content, well it's not sucking up to the Brits, but just that they always have one article from outside media every-day, and so why not this one?
Anyways, keep up your vigilance. Good work man!
From Bangalore.