Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A hilarious article by V.R.Krishna Iyer

Read the article and have a good laugh. Am quoting a couple of lines below. If you were to ask me, no person could write such a piece unless under heavy influence of alcohol.

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : The state and the evil of drink
Why do even Marxist governments make people bankrupt by granting easy licences to clubs with liquor-dispensing bars attached to them?
If I were appointed a dictator for an hour for all of India, the first
thing I would do would be to close without compensation all liquor
shops and destroy all toddy-producing palms.


sandesh said...

I had tears in my eyes after reading this elderly gentleman pleading the cause of non-drinking ;)

Venkat Ramanan said...

LOL... I kept laughing for a long time after reading this hilarious article by VRK!!
Was he drunk while writing this article?! ;))

Anonymous said...

You people make me sick. No respect for seniors, no respect for religion. Jaao aur maro kisi gandi nali me...

chandramouli said...

It is shamed that the state promote the alcoholism and is against article 47 of our own constitution ,in this sense one must blame the state has become parasite ,now most of the income comes from liquor partisan and seems to persist .Having to say irrespective of all governments engrossed at this stigma ,to liquidate this social evil ,should be attained the egalitarian society ,otherwise we will witness more perish and dance of death.

Kiran M said...

This is anything but hilarious. Tis the best example of the government, the guardians of the constitution, strictly disobeying and defiling it.Sadly very few would concur with the wisdom of this old man.