Friday, January 22, 2010

Fwd: Films China Never Wanted You To See

the early videos of tibet show that it was a society cutoff from the rest of the world but not lacking in civilizational ethos. about 1/3rd of the society indulged in religious, monastic pursuit of buddhism. almost every family sent a child to the monastery. the cultural festivals and the colours were resplendent. the royal family may have been decadent but by comparison to the chinese it comes out as egalitarian. and the population was largely at peace with themselves. it all changed with the chinese invasion.

go and see the films if you can. you will see that what chindu and n.ram publishes in tibetan news/reviews is just shoddy journalism.

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From: Friends of Tibet
Subject: Films China Never Wanted You To See

Think Tibet and Friends of Tibet invite you to

"Films China Never Wanted You To See"

Screening of documentary films on the history of Tibet and the present situation under the Chinese rule.

5pm-9pm on Sunday, January 24, 2010 at the Centre for Film and Drama, 71 Sona Towers, 5th floor, Above Central Bank, Millers Road, Bangalore. Admission Free.

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