Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jyoti Basu’s brain to be preserved

Communism makes a person brain-wreck. So, Basu's brain must of great interest to the scientists.

Just like the desert religions, communism too has the habit of preserving the relics of its prophets. If India were to become a communist paradise, this brain would make its way to Taj Mahal and history would once again be rewritten. This time the communists will tell us that Taj Mahal was built by the Bengalis after the great revolution.
The Hindu : National : Basu’s brain to be preserved for study


CodeNameV said...

30 years later, steven speilberg of the next generation will make a movie named "Russiana Jones and the skull of the Communist Leader!"

Of all the brains in the world, Jyoti Basu? Total BS!

I am afraid tomorow some ass hole will say "I am antique collector and during my stay in West Bengal during 1970's I collected Jyoti Basu's bathroom slippers! Now I am ready to sell them". Some mallya will buy it for crores and our great Ambica Soni will say "I sent Mallya to buy it for India!"

Armchair Guy said...

Both the article's headline and your reading of it seem misleading.

The article seems to say simply that they will study any of his organs for medical research. Nothing special about his brain; they'll preserve his kidneys too if they're intact. But that wouldn't make for good headlines, would it?