Friday, October 23, 2009

Two opposing views

The Hindu : National : Chidambaram reiterates offer to Maoists
Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram on Friday reiterated the offer of talks to the CPI (Maoist) if it gave up violence.
CNN-IBN: Govt at war with Naxals to aid MNCs: Arundhati Roy
CNN-IBN Do you accept that the violence must end in that sense? The Home Minister said very clearly - 'as far as I can see, the only hurdle to holding talks with the CPI-Maoists is the violence which stalks the area in which they operate'. Now, surely they must give up arms.

Arundhati Roy: That is what I am saying is disingenuous. When the attack is from the Government forces - a Government which is bringing in the Army and the Air Force, calling for war on the poorest people in the country - it becomes tough.
There are a few more gems in the interview, if you care to dig up.
CNN-IBN Arundhati Roy says that not one anganwadi worker has been killed but we do know that 659 people have died because of them of which 259 were police officers and 400 civilians
With CNN-IBN and Arundhati Roy having the same obtuse angle to the left, extra care has been taken by CNN-IBN to ensure that Ms.Roy is not cornered. But the lies still stand out.

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I, Me, Myself ! said...

LOLLL.... seriously... ROFL! How can we even allow such a person to air her views on national TV?! I had perennial hatred for Arundhati, but today I just pity her for her poor mental balance!

Sample this: "But you are making an equivalent of somebody who has air power and nuclear power and armies against poor people"

From where did nuclear power come into the picture?! Is she suggesting that we will use nuclear weapons to wipe out Naxals?

And this:

CNN-IBN So do the Naxals. The Naxals are well-armed now.

Arundhati Roy: How do you know that?


The whole interview is just a laugh riot! Recommended to all.

- Sudhir

btw, Gladson summed up well.

Gladson Dungdung: See the problem is that two decades ago what Rajiv Gandhi used to say that only 15 per cent of the money used to reach the poor is the same thing that Rahul Gandhi is saying now. That means they have not done anything.