Tuesday, October 20, 2009

China about to cut India's water supply by 20%. cHindu sez no worries Hindi Chini bhai bhai

Sometimes reading cHindu makes me reach for antacid pills by the dozen. Articles like this - India, China and water security by Ananth Krishnan and special notes by our pal Sidd Varadarajan.
The big ticket item is the aggressive posturing by China to dam off Brahmaputra to serve its needs for water up north and cHindu advises Indians not to worry as the Chinese have no intentions of doing so.
How concerned should India, which lies downstream on the Brahmaputra, be? Work on the Brahmaputra, or Yarlung-Tsangpo as it is known in Tibet, is still in the early stages. China’s projects on this river are of two kinds — one, for hydel power generation, and the more ambitious kind, still in the works, a massive diversion project that envisages diverting the river’s waters to the arid north.

He quotes India's approach of "trust but verify" which has worked so well with Pakistan and China in the past as examples. Also supported as evidence of China's intentions, is the supposed technical feasibility of the western dams which are in earthquake prone zones and face public opposition due to the resettlement.
If there is sufficient demand for water what guarantee is there that the Chinese government will not give the green light to this project?

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