Friday, October 02, 2009

Should Prakash Karat be jailed for treason?

Of all the various types of politicians from the inefficient to the corrupt the worst of the lot are the treasonous ones. When various military, civil and bureaucratic experts across lines in India have raised alarm over the overtly aggressive behavior of China, there is one group trying to belittle their claims. I present to you the Communist Party of India Marxist.
It's leader Prakash Karat without any logical or analytical evidence claims,
There has been a revival of the bogey of the threat from China among sections of the corporate media and strategic experts. A series of hostile manoeuvres by China have been cited… All such reports were either baseless or highly exaggerated… Both the Chinese and Indian governments have stated that there are no tensions growing on the border

Please remember here, this comes from the same party (CPI-M) which supported China during the Indo-China war of 1962. As usual he raises the usual bogey of Indo-US cooperation being the root cause of the alarm.
The recent efforts to create complications in India-China relations must be seen in this context. Within India, the lobbies that want the strategic alliance with the United States to be cemented are precisely those who seek to thwart the potential of India-China cooperation.”

Perhaps the recent incidents like, have missed Karat's eyes.
  • The building of roads surrounding the Indian border in Tibet and Arunachal
  • The tacit support to the ISI by China over the years
  • China's refusal to accept Arunachal as an Indian province
  • China's building dams across Brahmaputra in an effort to squeeze India's water supply
  • The issuing of separate visa papers by China to Kashmiris
In any other country the support of a hostile neighbor to the detriment of one's country (what ever the reason) is a sign of treason. The extreme prejudice with which these hostile maneuvers have been disregarded in an attempt by a leading party in conjunction with a leading newspaper is clear evidence once again that these parties have indulged in treason and should be punished accordingly. Wonder if the UPA government will take the lead and do something for a change?


I, Me, Myself ! said...

On October 2nd:

1. UPA "rededicated" itself to Gandhi's (don't ask if it is the Mahatma or the family) ideals. These ideals state that you should keep quiet even if China decides that Kashmir is not a part of India. You should keep quiet if people in your country talk in support of China/Pakistan. Basically, just keep quiet.

2. Prakash Karat "rededicated" himself to Chinese and Communist philospohy. This philosophy states that we should continue to live and follow Marxist/Leninist principles even if the rest of the world does not care about it anymore. Anybody raising a finger of accusation against Communist Countries are to be immediately condemned. Basically, just live in denial.

3. N. Ram, with his "ringside view", "rededicated" himself to China praising. Infact, he took it to an entirely new level this year, thereby cementing his core support further.

4. The BJP is still not sure whether to dedicate itself to something, or rededicate itself to tried ideas ... so, on that count, we will need to wait for one more year.

5. And finally, we, the people, have been re-fooled by this bunch :D

- Sudhir

Anonymous said...

Left to himself comrade Karat would also declare that the 1962 Chinese aggression was and is still a bogey. Perhaps, the Chinese wanted to just drop in and say hello. HMV Chindu would gladly and dutiflly second this theory.

CodeNameV said...

I say rip him of his indian citizenship. It is one thing to criticize and another to openly support the singing peans to the hostile neighbor. I dont understand one thing though - why does this guy want to live in india, vote in our elections, contest in our election and be called our leader if he is so much craving for China! Is it the noodles? Or may be the Chinese Dumplings I guess!

Dirt Digger said...

haha Great analogy. UPA is a bunch of carpet baggers.

Dirt Digger said...

I agree. the commies have never acknowledged their past treasonous behaviour towards the nation and apologized for it.

Dirt Digger said...

Agree. this behaviour is synonymous with other Leftist leaders/intellectuals who bite the hand that feeds them.
They should be sent to a winter in Siberia or Mongolia to be taught commie welfare lessons.