Friday, October 09, 2009

cHindu's solution to Maoist violence. Do nothing.

The master of obvious, LiC states the "intelligent" solution to India's Maoist problems. Keep the Army out and let the bureaucrats and state governments handle the problem. cHindu ignores the obvious root cause to the problem the tacit support by the communist regimes and the Left intelligentsia to the Maoist terrorists.
Stating obvious solutions like the one below does not really help in any way.
Providing social opportunity, tackling unemployment, and ensuring sustainable livelihoods are the ways to deal with extremist organisations that seek to alienate the people from the state by taking up these very same issues. The last thing democratic India needs is a spiral of violence, counter-violence, repression, and further extremist provocations.

Why not just print money and drop it into the Naxal strongholds and ask them to give up?


I, Me, Myself ! said...

Now I know from where the Holy Calf, Rahul G got his cue to talk on this topic!

It still beats me. Why are states not following the AP model? Chandrababu Naidu used the most effective solution - eliminate them. YSR thought he will reform the society and called them to talks. That's when they re-grouped, and YSR realised his folly. And he followed the Naidu model - eliminate them!

Why then are the other states not following this model?

On a lighter note, now that it is clear that just advocating peace is enough to win Nobel, LiC is dreaming about it too? ;-)

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

it is short-sightedness to forget that even at the height of successful negotiations between a.p. government and naxalites, naxal leaders were refusing to give up arms. violence is a fundamental tenet of naxal ideology. to suggest dialogue without considering naxal violence is irresponsible behaviour by n.ram.

Dirt Digger said...

Haha when LiC wins the Nobel, Pakistan would freeze over ;)

Dirt Digger said...

The question here is of media accountability. The media plays both sides here, question the government's accountability and the naxalites problems without taking responsibility for their analysis.
People like LiC are enamored with their ideology than the practical aspects of how its implemented. Similar to the Ruskie philosophers sitting in their dachas not realizing the practical problems

Pilid said...


Could you please add a link to the editorial?

One other point. Salwa Judum always gets criticized but no one in the paper is talking about the CPI(M) cadres who have been armed to fight maoists in Bengal. In principle, I do not quite see what the difference is between the two.

Xinhua Ram said...

Do nothing. Just protect the CPI(M) cadres!

Keep out the armed forces

... every instance of unjust use of violence, including sponsored vigilantism of the Salwa Judum kind, erodes the state’s credibility, legitimacy, and authority. It is a betrayal of the trust reposed in it by the people. Naxalites, and indeed armed extremists of all hues, thrive by provoking state violence and inviting repression not just on themselves but on the civilian population as a whole. The Indian state must not lose sight of the long-term goals of addressing social and economic inequities, and achieving development targets.


Help resolve Lalgarh crisis

..politically inspired violence seeks the cover of socio-economic grievances. Maoist outlaws who went on the rampage in the Lalgarh area of West Midnapore district of West Bengal, carrying out murderous attacks on workers of the ruling CPI(M) and destroying their houses and party offices, were looking to settle political scores in the guise of protesting ‘police atrocities.’ Using the neighbouring State of Jharkhand as the base, they established a reign of terror and drove out security personnel and CPI(M) workers and sympathisers.