Sunday, October 25, 2009

Simple naivete or calculated dhimmitude?

In most alien invasion movies one would see the locals (barring the smart heroes) fall into 2 broad categories; the ones who look up to the aliens as saviors (Independence day etc.) to the ones where a group of leaders and intellectuals accept the inevitable and agree to dhimmitude ala the X-Files and agree to the colonization for exchange of power in the new setup.
Now cHindu lead by fearless leader LiC and Sidd V decide that India's approach of kissing up to its Northerly neighbor is the best approach. They praise MMS' attitude of continuing dialogue while not bringing up contentious issues like the Karakoram highway or Arunachal or Tibet as it does not put the Chinese in the spot.
Mr. Ravi’s briefing points avoided any specific mention of contentious issues. “The Prime Minister stressed that neither side should let our differences act as an impediment to the growth of functional cooperation between the two countries,” he quoted Dr. Singh as saying. He said Premier Wen “concurred … that issues that may arise in the course of our bilateral relations should be properly handled through discussions and they should not become an impediment in the development of our friendly relations.”

Guess this picture says a lot ...
All in all everything in favor of China. Not concessions from the Chinese, no acceptance of their aggression as we don't want them to get angry and LiC is happy that his masters are satisfied.

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