Thursday, October 22, 2009

The price for standing upto Maoist aka Christian Commie Terrorists

ub-Inspector Diwakar Bhattacharya, who was shot dead inside the Sankrail Police Station in West Midnapore district of West Bengal on Tuesday. Two policemen, including the SI,were killed and the officer-in-charge of the station was abducted by a group of Maoists. The station was ransacked and firearms, including rifles, revolvers and pistols, were looted from the armoury.

Where are the Leftist intellectuals now?


I, Me, Myself ! said...

And yet, we are talking about talking with them! Shame. Real Shame!

CodeNameV said...

They, DD, are celebrating the secular party's success. Vilas Desmukh feels that Maha has gone quite ahead after 26/11 and ppl realise they had done wrong about it!

Moreover, you see Maoists are maoists because of the social disparities. They are like that because "they are forced to be". Please refer to arundathi suzanne roy for more and in a secular country like ours, you are not expected to question them Princes and Princesses of Socialistic Secularism. India could be named as El Dorado of Socialistic Secular Jewels who have mastered the art of self-inflicted intellectual masturbation!

Well Mr. Aam Aadmi sipping coffee in his three BHK flat infront of his newly bought Plasma television watching the same news on CNN-IBN in plesantly surprised tone calls out to his wife and says "arey suno tho, kal shaam ko shah rukh khan ki nayi movie release ho rahi hain..chalte hain naa..." Well obviously he is not interested in Diwakar Bhattacharya's fate. Some other day he would say "pcch bechara! ye maoists ka problem kya hain? Pata nahin ye sab kab sudhregaa!". And heres the best part "he still votes for the most secular party in the world because he has no opinion of his own. He watches CNN-IBN before he goes to vote and worst of all out of 100 of such Aam Aadmis, it would be great if 50 vote!" But still, Mera Mumbai Mera Jaan hain. My Mumbai is so resilient that it votes the same AHs who didnt even have the guts to show up in front of the media on that fateful night! If there are some who believe India is going to do great ahead, either they are just day dreaming because in my great land of minorities, sir, Mr. Diwakar Bhattacharya is backed by political eunuchs and rapists!!"