Saturday, October 03, 2009

A teachable moment...for Obama

Obama's recent fiasco in Denmark should serve as a "teachable moment" for all the perennial Pakistan-friendly types. Personal popularity can never trump permanent interests. WSJ sums it up aptly:
In that sense, the Olympic defeat is a relatively painless reminder that interests trump charm or likability in world affairs.
Within a brief span of one year we have seen all the high-talk of the Obama campaign melt in thin air. Talking across the aisle--even with dictators, post-partisanship, all that reaching out to the world, reducing inequality by bringing public healthcare etc., all the apex agenda items have been virtually capped, rollbacked, and on the verge of elimination. Instead of bridging across the aisle there's vicious name-calling and vitriol being hurled at political opponents. The raging fire of realism has engulfed and tamed the overambitious Obama agenda. However there's no guarantee that secular copycats back home won't repeat it. History will repeat itself as farce, till Gandhis do us part.

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