Thursday, October 01, 2009

N.Ram celebrating China's 60th birthday

n.ram is unabashed in his praise of china. the enormous loss of life, massive population displacement, and suppression of human rights have all been conveniently scraped over. what remained after the scavenging is portrayed as a glorious garden. for those of us not wearing the red tinted glasses, the carcass and the stench are terrible to bear.

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From: Xinhua Ram

Compare these

Tian'anmen showcases rise of China : N Ram


Beijing birthday spin distorts reality

A little-known fact is that 80 per cent of poverty reduction in China took place in the first 10 years of reform (1979-1989) - a time when the party was releasing its grip over the economy. After Tiananmen, poverty alleviation slowed dramatically. Since 2000, those in absolute poverty have doubled.,25197,26151637-7583,00.html

60 years of repression

Sixty years of communist rule in China is nothing to celebrate.

Blood and Treasure On the Empire State Building

Try as hard as they might, the secret police and communist officials couldn't kill as many Chinese as efficiently as the widespread famine triggered by the Great Leap Forward --Chairman Mao's attempts to impose collectivism on China's peasant farmers -- which resulted in between 20 and 43 million people starving to death.

Dissidents Give China Failing Grade on 60th Anniversary of Communist Rule


Bhagiratha said...

my best wishes to n's a rededication for ram.

I, Me, Myself ! said...

I quote from the front page, banner news/opinion piece - "(for which we, a group of foreign journalists, had ringside seats)."

Seriously? This whole news item sounded like he was writing his personal memoirs.

If you read it carefully, there is not much to cover from the event (and it is no different from our annual Republic Day Parade), so Ram explains us more than once what the message from the event was.

Sample this - "His basic message to the Chinese people was..."

"The overall message from the military review and parade seemed to be ..." Hold on, the best is yet to come..

He reserved his best for the last. "As I write, the evening is quite young at Tian’anmen Square."

Stay tuned folks, for tomorrow, we might get to know how the "young evening" progressed. I am already biting my nails in suspense :D

- Sudhir

Anonymous said...

"Tian'anmen showcases rise of China".

Chief is naturally proud, having a "ring side" view of the whole show.

His unabashed adulation immediately brings out two remarks:

1) Tian'anmen is also (in)famous for another big event that took place nearly two decades ago. Perhaps Chief didn't have a ringside view at that time. Still he could throw in a word or two.

2) A similar (even low-key) show at Delhi would immediately elicit a rude and snide comment of jingoistic nationalism, hyper patriotism etc. from Chief and comrades.

The whole coverage - front page (with big banner headlines and colourful photos in the print edition) and on the inside, reporting by his chela, smacks of extra-territorial admiration at its worst.

Gandaragolaka said...

A bit of reality in china:

Gandaragolaka said...

The link didnt come up well, but no bother... just google for "cancer villages".

kuttychathan said...

On another point... Chindu has raised the cover price of the weekly issues of its Kerala Edition to Rs.4; from October 1st onwards... I would like to know whether the cover price of its other editions too have been raised...

I, Me, Myself ! said...

@Anon - nice comment about Chief not having ringside view of the 1989 event:)

- Sudhir