Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Muslim leader against the Haj subsidy, no joke here.

Apparently the Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali our LiC's pal thinks the Haj Subsidy should not only be stopped, its wrong as per the Islamic religious scriptures.
One should arrange for his expenses of Haj and Umrah out of his or dependent progeny lawful earnings, as commanded by the Holy Prophet (PBUH)”, “Allah is pure and He accepts only what is pure” (page 14).

And this one,
A pilgrim should avoid the earnings of others and not seek others monetary help

Apparently even the land of the pure, seems to think a Haj subsidy is wrong, then why are we still paying up for this?
Even the High Court of Lahore in a 1997 judgment said it is un-Islamic to avail of subsidy and perform Haj. I am sure the authorities concerned will agree that spending about Rs. 400 crore (which may go up in future) for 0.06 per cent of Muslim population is justifiable.


Xinhua Ram said...

This is not new. Most Islamic nations don't have Haj subsidy. Infact, some of them have even made representations to the Indian govt conveying that it violates their religion.

Anonymous said...

Chindu can't hide its glee at India's setback. Chindu should start a Beijing edition as it may sell well !

Anonymous said...

The author of this (anti-Haj subsidy)piece Nawab Mohammad Abdul Ali, according to Chindu, is the "Prince of Arcot". And this "Nawab" shamelessly maintains a feudal set-up (a "palace" in Chennai, called Amir Mahal, servants, sycophants etc.) under the excuse that he has the sanction of the Constitution of India! Let him first renounce all these princely benefits and lead a normal, ordinary citizen's existence.

And comrade Ram who so vehemently opposes feudalism in Tibet, is strangely a chamcha of this chota feudal lord in Chennai.

Dirt Digger said...

Chindu would not explicitly state that its wrong, afraid of offending its "secular" readers who love spending Govt. money.

Dirt Digger said...

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Dirt Digger said...

haha Amir Mahal. Of course he will preach anything, but not practice it, benefit of being a secular liberal leader like his pal LiC.