Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sycophancy at its finest, kissing up to Obama

I'm not sure if Obama ever heard of cHindu, but his advisers better start adding the website to his faves or get him a copy of the print regularly. Printing an article like this one, A tribute to Obama, a disciple of Gandhi, cHindu and V.R.Krishna Iyer have taken sycophancy to a new level. When we were kids, every once in a while we were asked to write an essay about a leader say Nehru. Obviously writing about Nehru's dalliances with married women would mean flunking grade, so kids in my class had to "praise" how he spent time in prison writing to his daughter and other little stories. This "Op-Ed" reminds me exactly of those kinds of BS papers we submitted.
Lets start at the beginning and work our way to the end,
I salute you, Barack Obama, for winning the Nobel Prize for Peace. By winning it you have made the White House an eighth world wonder of peace and a point of pilgrimage for humanity longing for a new century of lasting tranquility on earth.

Apparently he did not read the news that Obama is planning on sending up to 50,000 troops to Af-Pak in the next year. Guess they are going in with roses to do Gandhi-giri.
The biggest power of nuclear disaster must undergo transformation by a magic of work, wealth and happiness. Such a metamorphosis is possible only if a million Mahatma Gandhis, a trillion revolutionary Jesus Christs and countless Vivekanandas and Obamas consecrate this planet. And now the biggest power on earth has produced in a decadent hemisphere and in a white country of white power an enigma in the shape of Mr. Obama.

Why no Mohammed? Of course yeah he was a blood thirsty murdering tyrant. I am sure "decadent hemisphere and in a white country of white power" were added by LiC to please his Chinese masters. Moving forward,
Mr. Obama, as an Indian at the age of 95 who is committed to cosmic peace, I plead with providence to give you the creative verve to be the divine engineer to save our morally declining planet controlled by the whites into a society free from race, colour, caste, communalism and corruption

"Controlled by the whites", what is this the age of Imperialism? Isn't VK not aware of today's global economy and Asia's position in it? Of course, he couldn't. Probably locked up in Kilpauk MH, he is allowed a few minutes of TV every day.


B Shantanu said...

Thanks for alerting us on this...

CodeNameV said...

LOL. Nice! Krishna Iyer has got taste. These days cHindu is trying to do some Soap Opera type articles. This one is the Episode where the lead characters are trying to celebrate each other's co-incidental view points. At this rate cHindu will put Balaji Telefilms out of business!

I like it when cHindu writes Fiction. Wow! cHindu makes it sound so real and it keeps it very entertaining also. Try this: "Barack Obama is no longer only an American but a world wonder with a new vision and promise of peace on earth." Last I heard a similar statement was in Andaz Apna Apna where Aamir Khan says to Shakti Kapoor "aap gnani ho, antharyami ho, mahan ho...balki main tho kahtha hoon...aap tho purush hi nahin ho....mera matlab...maha purush ho .. maha purush"

This piece will go down in history as "Krishna Iyer trying a Leo Tolstoy and miserably missing by yards!"

DD, this one worth lisitng in hall of shame?

I am not sure if it would be outrageous to say "Gandhi owes one to Rajkumar Hirani than anybody else! Gandhigiri is cool today, even for the President of USA!" I hope some lunatic will not say "Obama is just another re-incarnation of Gandhi himself!"

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

i wonder how krishna iyer came up with the figures in this equation:
"Such a metamorphosis is possible only if a million Mahatma Gandhis, a trillion revolutionary Jesus Christs and countless Vivekanandas and Obamas consecrate this planet."
where on earth is there space for trillions of people? one jesus gave us a predatory cult that is followed by about 1/4th of human race. i wonder what a trillion revolutionary jesus christs would do.
why is this old man being entertained by chindu when he does not have the ability to write meaningful articles?

I, Me, Myself ! said...

The moment I read the headline, I got irritated and did not bother reading the article. Then I read the his opening lines in your piece, and got a nauseating feeling! So did not read the other quoted text.

CodeNameV - LOLLL... awesome comparison to Andaz Apna Apna. lol

- Sudhir

Karmasura said...

V.R. Krishna Iyer for Scum of the week!!

btw.. did you stop that series?

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for the obscure message as always.

Dirt Digger said...

haha if they put Balaji Telefilms out of business, lot of people would be out of work.
Hilarious analogy of AAA. Crime master gogo is VK.

Dirt Digger said...

The world is bursting at its seams at 7 billion. A trillion, we would be parasites on this planet literally.

Dirt Digger said...

I'm disappointed that you gave up so easily ;( I had to read the entire trite.

Dirt Digger said...

I'm disappointed that you gave up so easily ;( I had to read the entire trite.

Kaushik said...

Oh crap, don't know how I missed VRK's article. Haven't read it yet, but seeing a little of what he's written in your blog, I am reminded of Kamal's 50th year celebrations where everyone came on stage, kissed him everywhere possible through words and went. But Rajini went to the next level, even needlessly downgrading himself. Did Krishna Iyer just do a Rajini? :P

I, Me, Myself ! said...

Gentlemen - are you ready to ROFL?

Obama is not the only person VR saluted yesterday. Tucked away in a corner on the national news page, was this tribute VR paid to none other than MMS, for "standing up" to China! LOLLL... the link is self explanatory ... enjoyyy..

- Sudhir