Thursday, October 29, 2009

Left extremists of various hues

Amulya Ganguli: This context automatically makes the violence of the reds more justifiable than the state’s.

Arundhati Roy: If I was a person who has been dispossessed, whose wife has been raped or have been pushed of their lands, and who is being faced with 'police force', I would say that I am justified in taking up arms if that's the only way I have to defend myself.

These are the same bunch of people who cry hoarse against any opposition to Islamic terrorism, although Hindus have been facing such terror for a few hundred years now.


I, Me, Myself ! said...

LOL !! Amulya Ganguli has me ROFL! For example - Pray, what context justifies hijacking a train?

- Sudhir

Anonymous said...

Arundathi Roy is a moron, half cracked shameless creature who would sell her mother for money. Don't take these W***'s words seriously

I, Me, Myself ! said...

Please read this - a journalist's experience with that terrorist Koteswara Rao.

Outrageous - this guy even "arrests" photographers!!!

And we are thinking of talking to such people?!? Damn..

- Sudhir

jujung said...

You have completely misquoted Amulya Ganguli. Do read the entire article.

RM said...

jujung is right. You actually did a "SV"!!! Looking for a job in cHindu?