Friday, October 23, 2009

Modern Mahabharata - story by LiC

In this version of Mahabharata the story is similar but in some ways different. But this one is penned by LiC aka cVed Vyasa, so there are "editorial" changes to the storyline. In the ancient land of Tibet lived a religious tribe of Pandavas aka Buddhist Tibetians. Their kin and neighbors were the Kauravas (Commie Chinese) who were a very peace loving people. Once they heard that the Pandavas(Tibetians) were not managing their land efficiently they asked them to surrender.
The arrogant Pandavas(Tibetians) refused and dominated their people like slaves. So the righteous Kauravas Commie Chinese) decided to take action and evict the Pandavas out of their land to "protect" the Tibetian people.
After a brief struggle the Pandavas and their leader Dalai Lama, were exiled to neighboring India. Using India as a launch pad, the Pandavas have been involved in funding separatist violence in Tibet! Despite all the efforts of the peace loving Kauravas(Commie Chinese) to get the Pandavas to the table to discuss peace, the Dalai Lama has fomented violence against the people of Tibet. So says the honorable cVed Vyasa (LiC) and the saga continues...


Xinhua Ram said...

cVed Vyas seems to be some kinda celebrity in Mao land.

I wonder if his wife served food to the neighbor daily before she served him - like he is doing to his motherland.

Anonymous said...

What crowning glory to the "famous Indian journalist and publisher" to be not only interviewed by Xinhua in an exotic locale, but also to have his close-up photo occupying half-a-page!

And readers can find another write-up in the same page marked "Related". And what can it relate to, but another report titled "Indian newspaper applauds China's democratic reform achievements in Tibet".

Xinhua and Chindu nicely make up a closed-circuit, mutual back-scratching society.

CodeNameV said...

DD, on a different note, did u read the "interface" section of today's Magazine in The cHindu?

There is an interview with Nandita Das. Its titled Das Capital!

These waste fellows simply cant hide their political leanings can they?

There is one other article by Harsh Mander titled "To be a Muslim in India today" in another section called Talkinhg Point. Total Bull.The smae old cock and bull stories! Will these guys ever wake up! Ironically, the article ends with
"What is threatened is not just the future and well being of the community. What is under grave assault if the idea of India itself".

Cant understand why same article doesnt come out in defense of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan!Whuusst I say!