Thursday, September 10, 2009

There are idols and there are sameness(is that what the church calls christian idols?)

Compared to the restraint shown while reporting the Sangli riots(a brief mention of curfew on 7th, and a report on 8th), Chindu looks like it is screaming on top of its voice about the vandalised church.

It hits the front page
The Hindu : Front Page : Church in Hebbagodi vandalised

And there are detailed reports in Karnataka section, with BJP being routinely dragged in as the perpetrator.
The Hindu : Karnataka News : Miscreants vandalise church in Hebbagodi
The Hindu : Karnataka News : Yeddyurappa: church attackers won’t be spared
The Hindu : Karnataka / Bangalore News : BJP workers behind church attack: Congress

And just to make sure you didn't miss it, there is also a photo on the front page article.

Good work, chindu. Indian Christian News Online will be proud of you. Now, only if you could donate some of that Chinese money to them. I am sure you will understand that the parasitic cousin of yours is just as greedy and unscrupulous as you are.

Below is the bit that made me cringe. I felt like I was reading the typical church propaganda material. If only information was not available at fingertips, I would have had to go by the words of the esteemed "special correspondent" who compiled this report.
The Hindu : Front Page : Church in Hebbagodi vandalised
This Catholic church, named after Saint Francis, was established over four decades ago. “We belong to the Missionaries of St. Francis, which has been in existence for nearly 150 years. We are catering to the education, health and other needs of people in rural areas,” Father Aloysius said.
Here is the mission statement from official website of Missionaries of St. Francis: “I want missions.”

Oh, btw, don't be fooled by N.Ram's TamBram descent; he is a christian by injection.

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hUmDiNgEr said...

There was a temple vandalized recently in the same Karnataka.

But, there was no coverage at all.