Wednesday, September 30, 2009

China now claims J&K is not part of India

Put 2 and 2 together. It is obvious what China is gunning for. China does not see any reason to be pretentious about its intentions towards India. We still have useful idiots like Ananth Krishnan telling us about peaceful intentions of China.

The Hindu : Front Page : Delhi upset over separate Chinese visas for Kashmiris
In a move that has puzzled and annoyed South Block, the Chinese embassy in New Delhi has begun issuing visas to Indian passport holders from Jammu and Kashmir on a separate sheet of paper rather than stamping them in their passports as is the norm with other Indian citizens.
The Hindu : Front Page : Visa standoff leaves Kashmiri students in limbo
But the absence of an official seal in a passport also helps one country with a territorial claim or dispute on another from extending legal recognition to the latter’s possession of the territory under question.


Lalibela said...

How comes this stories is published in Chindu?

Anonymous said...

The MEA should start reciprocating the same procedure for visitors to India from the Tibet "Autonomous" Region. Of course, this would mean change in our contry's "official" stand on the Tibet question. Chachai (and along with him the Panchsheel) left long time ago.

CodeNameV said...

@Anon, please! Such retributions are possible only in bollywood movies. Looking at the past 6 years of our UPA experience we had, I would say the best that will happen is secratary of MEA will come out with strong worded press release and then next day, things go as they were!

Our trajectory to normalcy of the ostrich type has been evident if you look at more than 25 major terrorist attacks including 26/11!! An answer on something like this from china is not possible for this government! And of course, we are busy counting our, and on our, cows u see!

I, Me, Myself ! said...

CodeNameV - this time tho, the statement released by MEA is nowhere close to being called strong. "We presented our well justified case". We have changed our language lest the Chinese feel insulted.

Maybe this kind of scripted language will be good for a bhojpuri movie ;-).

- Sudhir