Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Incompetence galore in the YSR accident saga

The whole YSR accident saga is filled with incidents of incompetence like:
Apparently the home minister of AP is inviting experts from New Delhi.
Think of the irony here, they are having difficulties finding programmers to decode a black box of all places in Hyderabad and have to outsource it to Delhi and potentially US!
If only Chandrababu Naidu was CM :)


I, Me, Myself ! said...

hehehe... here's more.

The CM's chopper went missing at 9:30. The administration announced this only at 4:00pm. The government requested the local tribes to help in searching. It was raining, and in forests it would have already been dark. And by 5:30-6:00 it would have become pitch dark ... why didn't the request go out earlier?

During the initial briefings, none of us knew where the Home Minister was. It was the finance minister, chief secretary, DGP and revenue minister who briefed us first!

I am not a big fan of protocol issues when it comes to such situations, so when some ministers complained that district officials did not accord them enough importance, I felt it was very childish on their part. However, here's the biggest surprise.

YSR's body was flown in to Kadapa. And the DGP went there in an helicopter. And guess where the Home Minister was? She was in a bus along with some 120 other MLAs/ministers stuck in a traffic jam while trying to reach Kadapa!

DGP is a crook, and everyone in AP knows that. YSR trusted him, and therefore he suddenly realises that ministers and mla's dont count as VIP's anymore.. he himself is a VIP!

YSR's worst legacy is that he introduced a certaing laxity into the administration; a take it easy attitude. And ironically, clear evidence of that attitude was witnessed when it came to dealing with his death.

- Sudhir

hUmDiNgEr said...


what else do you expect from a socialist governments?
YSR bred incompetence.He fought for caste/religion based reservations.His populist and socialist programs might look very pro-people, but in the long run these programs breed inefficiency and incompetence.
Our governments would never learn these lessons as they are more interested in the next election.
The intellectuals know this but they would not pick these issues as they are more interested in their "Padma" awards.

Karthik said...

OT But an interesting link. This is an attack on Chindu and N Ram from the naxalites. I find it ironic Chindus is their only sympathizer from MSM. But these guys got pissed of Ram sucking up to Srilankans. My hunch is that Ram is sucking up to Srilankans to please his Chinese bosses whom the naxals suck up to. So its kinda fun watching these 2 chinese stooges fighting each other.