Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dalai Lama's visit to Arunachal objected by the Chinese

What happens when one of China's main antagonists visits a place it thinks to be part of its country?

We firmly oppose Dalai visiting the so-called 'Arunachal Pradesh'," Jiang Yu, the spokeswoman for China's foreign ministry, told Reuters.

Indian Govt. snubbed the Chinese saying they had not control of where the Lama visits within India.
No comment from LiC, perhaps some one should tweet him about this :)


kuttychathan said...

Chindu carries a PTI story on the china's pique, in page 14 (Kerala Edition). That is unusual.
The main story in today's Sunday Magazine (of chindu) about preparations for Navratri, is also unusual.
I was expecting a story about how the jehadis are going to celebrate the coming Ramadan. Perhaps, the fall in circulation has begun to pinch...

Xinhua Ram said...

Fall in circulation, Kuttychatan? That can only be good for India, ain't it?

I have not been following news closely. Please post something when the next NRS figures are out.

kuttychathan said...

When I go for a walk, every evening, I see a hoarding, which is all lighted up, claiming that the Hindu is the largest selling English newspaper in Kerala. The hoarding says that 59% percent of the English news-paper readers in Kerala read chindu. The hoarding cites some rather old NRS figures to bolster its claims.
But the real question is what newspaper the other 41% percent of the English news-paper readers read. In a state where the chindu is a proverbial Hobson's choice, those brave readers should be appreciated for keeping away from chindu.

Bhagiratha said...

inch-by-inch..chinese way..

Anonymous said...

More news from the Marxist paradise garden-

"SC to Kerala: Pay teachers or will review ministers' expenses"

Rejecting the argument that it was facing cash crunch, the Supreme Court on Monday warned the Kerala government that it would review the expenses incurred on ministers and MLAs if the state failed to pay arrears for 17 years to part-time teachers.........

Mercifully it is only arrears for 17 years and not from the time of Marx and Lenin.