Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Congress Signed MoU with China Last Year

Apparently the Congress party signed an memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Communist Party of China last year. The news link is here.


Xinhua Ram said...

Apparently, Ram Madhav's clarification is missing even in today's edition. Did he copy the Reader's Editor?

Pilid said...


Only he can answer that. But since it was an official letter representing the organization, it could have been published as a news item if the Editor so desired. Even if it is copied to the readers' editor, the email is first forwarded to the author - in this case Bhadrakumar - and only if he accepts the error and authorizes publication, a clarification is issued (at least it used to be this way with the earlier readers' editor and I suspect it works the same way even now). Authors are of course under no obligation to respond; so the matter may have died at any one of several places.

I, Me, Myself ! said...

hahahahahaha... I just read the news item ... this "MoU" is nothing but a joke! The Congress and the Communist Party of China will put in place a mechanism to discuss and consult on bilateral and international events!

I am just not able to stop laughing... so did the two parties sit and discuss about recession? Or maybe terrorim? Wait, let's get closer to home, did they talk about Pakistan, Tibet, Arunachal Pradesh, Incursions?

Or maybe they signed this MoU so that the prince Rahul Gandhi will get to understand how the Chinese mind works... part of his grooming process?

- Sudhir

PS: It still beats me though - how the author/editor can turn a blind eye to such a clarification...

Bhagiratha said...

India has more enemies inside it's
territory than outside.These elements
in the country are more dangerous
than those operating from pakistan and china..