Monday, September 28, 2009

Indians prevented from celebrating Durga Puja in Rome

For the large part, Indians have been peaceful expatriates in nations around the world. This issue which happened recently in Rome, (ultimately resolved through the efforts of alert netizens like Kanchan Gupta and Rajeev raising the alarm and the efforts of Indian ambassador Mr.Arif Khan) exposes the hypocrisy demonstrated by the Italian Govt.
On the flip side say had Hindus in Karnataka banned Christmas in one village our "secular" media would be gunning after everyone Hindu from the Shankaracharyas to the RSS and every holy cow on how minorities were not given their rights. Other than the Pioneer not much coverage has been given by the other media outlets.
Where is the Indian Govt. and our "First Italian" Sonia when such double standards happens in her birth country?
Unfortunately though Durga Puja symbolizes the victory of good over evil and not the birth of a child from a virgin mother or the victories of a homicidal maniac. Surely our media would find that offensive to support.
More than willing to listen to your thoughts on this.


Aryan Culler said...
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Pilid said...


I wonder why I did not see this in any of the mainstream media. Did the Pioneer report it?

Dirt Digger said...

This is borderline racial stereotyping. Try to stick to the topic here.

Dirt Digger said...

I was surprised as well that the mainstream media, barring the Pioneer did not cover it!
But not so shocking given how our media works.

Aryan Culler said...

To believe that Indians in abroad(Italy???) are actually innocent lambs being harassed is too hard to believe. I know the number of roads that are completely taken over each time a festival is celebrated (irrespective of religion).
Besides I didnt know that the Chindis over here had started imitating exactly what they criticise...LOL (And we all know wise sayings about imitation)...Down the lazy,stinky Marxist Bongs...Jai Ho Ganduji...