Sunday, September 20, 2009

RSS-China MoU?

Mr.Bhadrakumar claims in the lead op-ed today that China concluded a memorandum with RSS leaders last year and senior RSS figures were hosted by Beijing. Is this true? I have not read anything about this in the mainstream press and a google search turned up nothing today. It seems a little strange though for the Chinese government to be doing such a thing with the RSS. For one thing, I suspect it would have made more news if RSS leaders had been invited to Beijing. Organiser might have been expected to report it (I cannot recall seeing anything about this). Secondly, it seems the Chinese would rather have talked to the BJP leadership which would make more sense since the BJP is the leading opposition party. Thirdly, it is one thing for the Chinese to invite RSS leaders to promote mutual understanding but signing a memorandum? What exactly would they be agreeing to since the RSS is not even officially a political organization? I find this difficult to believe. If anyone knows anything about this, please post a comment.

Lastly, it is quite a stretch and an insult to the integrity and intelligence of RSS leaders if Bhadrakumar is implying here that China has purchased the RSS' silence through an MoU. The RSS ought to respond to this claim and clear the air.


harish said...

He should tell from where did he get that information!!

Anonymous said...

The whole stuff looks as if it is a commisioned article on behalf of China! A nice PR(C) piece.

Jingoism no, but stupidity (of the Chacha variety) is certainly no, no either. China invaded our country in 1962, because ostensibly the border was not well demcarcated. But, China also invaded Vietnam much later(and got badly bruised). What excuse this ex-babu Bhadrakumar and Xinhua's Chennai branch have to offer for China's aggression on chota comrade Vietnam?

Ram Madhav said...

We sent the following rejoinder to The Hindu:

 Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh
Member, National Executive


The Editor
The Hindu

Dear Sir

Sub: Mr. Bhadrakumar’s article “Who stands to gain from war hysteria”

Mr. Bhadrakumar’s article with the above heading that has appeared on 21-09-09 in your esteemed daily makes the following comment:

“China concluded a memorandum of understanding with the RSS last year and senior RSS figures were hosted by Beijing”.

This statement is grossly incorrect and there was no memorandum of understanding or whatsoever between the RSS and China at any time. Except some NGO to NGO informal visits in which one RSS functionary participated, there were no visits of any RSS leaders which were hosted by ‘Beijing’, if the writer meant by that to be the Government of China.

I am sorry that Mr. Bhadrakumar, who was introduced as a former diplomat, had such incorrect information which he used without verifying in his article.

The RSS’ position on India-China relations, whether in the context of Arunachal Pradesh or Tibet, is well-known. We consider Arunachal Pradesh as an integral part of India and hold His Holiness the Dalai Lama in highest esteem. We believe that any solution to Tibetan question is possible only with the complete concurrence of His Holiness and his people.

This position may not be to the liking of China loyalists, including the author of the article, but I would like to reiterate that there is no change in our position on that.


Ram Madhav

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Anonymous said...

What about Chindu's own MoU with Beijing? Hope Mr. Bhadrakumar will enlighten the readers.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

chindu's attitude towards china has long been displayed by what commissions(xinhua propaganda) and omissions(tibet, imperialism). but now chindu has crossed into new territory - lies.

lies as part of propaganda is not unusual in wartime. if anything, this article in chindu is an indicator that china is indeed in an aggressive mood against india.

the diplomatic victory it scored over india must have emboldened china.