Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rahul Gandhi thanks you for paying his trip to Tamil Nadu

Recently Rahul Gandhi made a trip to TN which cost around Rs. 1 crore. Chindu in a mocking tone points this out to its readers.
Apparently Rahul Gandhi made a recent statement,
As a politician, you have a duty to be austere

Guess this was charged back to the Central Government for which you are paying taxes in one form or the other.
Thanks for the help, suckers.


Xinhua Ram said...

Two unrelated topics:

VHP concurs with Rahul on river interlinking

Rahul Gandhi today found an unusual ally in VHP leader Ashok Singhal on the issue of interlinking of rivers when the latter agreed with his views.

Myth and reality in India-China relations

"With Tibet and Sinkiang simmering, attacking India is not a one-way street or a picnic."

Anonymous said...

I think communists/far-left-loonies/pseudo-secularists are resorting to innovative methods in their psychological war against Gujaratis.

Until the by-elections they tried the accusations of communalism/religious-fanaticism. As it didn't work they are using the accusation of Male-Chauvinistic-Pig/ uncivilized-barbarindians/lechs etc.

This is no different from the Imperial British propaganda to paint Indians as barbarians and thus rationalize their illegitimate rule to civilize them.

PS: These days I am kind of concluding that most of news items on MSM, esp on prime-time are congress-organized-tamashas to serve congress' interests.

Anonymous said...

Recently we learned that Narendra Modi will be taking over Gujarat Cricket Board from Congress.

So does congress control of GCB explain 3 gujarati muslims in Indian Cricket team?

Anonymous said...

barbarindian said on twitter:
Australians permanently soured at South Asians after that incident.
In the open: rapists campaign of vicious assaults - National -

I dont think they are so dumb that they can't distinguish b/n Paki Muslim fanatics and Indian Hindus & Sikhs.

Many seemed to be discounting the hurt and offense our opportunistic politicians and cricket-fanatics caused to Aussie pride.

First our puppet PM Manmohan Singh says he loses sleep over Muslim terror suspect Mohamed Haneef and blames Australian law enforcement for over-reacting etc. Many Australians boycotted Indian professional services in Australia as protest for a brief time.

Then our Cricket fanatics humiliate Australian coach Greg Chappell to protect incompetent and arrogant captain Sourav Ganguly and almost throw him out of our country. We should realize that sports-obsession is a luxury third world countries can not afford.

And our idiot Harbhajan Singh calls Andrew Symonds a monkey. Though I suspect he might have said "Teri Maa ki" ( ---- your mother) which might have been misheard as "monkey" due to Australians' no knowledge of Hindi.

Manmohan Singh and Harbhajan Singh are the reason, Australians seemed to be having special hatred for Sikhs out of all Indians.