Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chindu bats a blind eye to Bofors turn - Q set free

In what is modern India's most recent blatant and high profile Govt. intrusion into the process of justice, Ottavio Quattrocchi, an accused in the Rs. 64-crore Bofors case has been set free.
Chindu lead with a shining example of investigative journalism in this issue (props to Chitra Subramaniam and you-know-who). Due to political pressure from the Congress, both Chindu and IE were forced to give up on the investigation and the frequent change in political power made progress in this case difficult.
Now Quattrochi one of the key accused, friend of the Gandhi family, friend of Mata Sonia has been set free after the court ruled that the significant evidence against him was not enough.
Chindu as of today has these articles on the issue:
There has been no response from LiC in his twitter page either. Greatly disappointed with the heavy handed approach to this whole issue and a lackadaisical response by the Indian media.


Pilid said...

Yes, I was surprised to see that as well since N.Ram was one of the people who was responsible for leading the investigation into the scam in the first place. Martin Ardbo, Win Chadha and S.K.Bhatnagar are all dead and now, Quattrocchi is to be set free. It appears that with the end of this last episode, it is curtains for the Bofors scandal.

Pilid said...

Correction: Quattrocchi was already free but now, he is to relieved of any minor irritation the Indian government was so far able to cause.

I, Me, Myself ! said...

Yes, it is a real shame.

Visual media anyway will not make this a big news, for they don't even understand the nuances of the case. Now, it does look even the print media is exasperated with this dilly dallying.

I am greatly surprised how the Congress party (lead by the holy family) gets away with such things. Corruption, no big deal. Terror attacks, no big deal. The absence of an effective opposition is so much evident for all of us to see. The vigour of the opposition seen in the late 80's till the late 90's is so completely missing.

- Sudhir

Gandaragolaka said...


"I am greatly surprised how the Congress party ... gets away with such things."

Well I am suprised that you are surprised in the first place!

You know they are lowly, cheap, corrupt, mean, autocratic, and everything else not-good under the sun. And you know they are ruling us. And you also know we elected them.

So all this is just the natural flow of events that we all are witness to and in some indirect way, even contributed to, as well.

Why the surprise then?

kuttychathan said...

Quattrocchi is a friend of Sonia. Ram is now a friend of Sonia. How can Ram speak against a friend's friend?

I, Me, Myself ! said...

Gandaragolaka, you are right. Disappointing or frustrating would have been a better word to use instead of surprising. Small consolation is that, you and I didn't vote for it :), but many other thought otherwise.

What's painful was the fact this party is allowed to get away with so many things that the middle class people do care about. Why is it that, some topic that interests middle class/urban resident is not given the same importance as a topic that interests the rural populace?

I know this question is repeatedly asked, but it pains me to see the passive participation of urbanites in nation building. It also is frustrating to note the absence of an effective opposition to the present ruling crap. For example, I feel that the BJP is equally to blame for the 41% voting by Mumbaikars - it just did not convince them as the right alternative.

I think I am drifting from the topic, so will stop here :)

- Sudhir

Dirt Digger said...

For Q this was a minor hurdle, but the larger issue was the lack of any protest or backbone from the media to stand up to the Govt.
The chalta hai attitude has to end.

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks. You are right, there are no leaders at the Central level who represent most Indians. Really scary if Rahul and co. are to lead India next.

Dirt Digger said...

Gandaragolaka said...,
Sudhir's surprise (and mine too) stems from our belief that the judicial system has some capability to control the corruption in the political and social spheres, has been diminished with this incident.

Dirt Digger said...

Not sure Sonia is actually LiC's friend. For all his hot air on principles this is a stinging slap.