Wednesday, September 23, 2009

RSS' Clarification on MoU With China Appears in The Hindu

A truncated version of Shri Ram Madhav's letter denying that it concluded any memorandum of understanding (MoU) with China appeared in the 'Letters to the Editor' section of today's edition of The Hindu under the title 'Incorrect' and may be accessed here.


Kaushik said...

Lol. Talk about eating one's words. I'm waiting for what Mr.Bhadrakumar would have to say on this. Or if he will conveniently ignore this, since the clarification itself appears in an insignificant "Letters to the Editor" portion.

Anonymous said...

The meaty part was cleverly removed:

"This position may not be to the liking of China loyalists, including the author of the article,..."

Anonymous said...

Expect Neena V or Vidhya S to come out with some kind of a counter piece "exposing" some connection (even if tenuous) of the RSS to China, so as to "substantiate" babu Bhadrakumar's insinuation.

Or, aleast a couple of letters from loyal and secular readers such as Kasim Sait and David Milton defending Bhadrakumar to prove what an evil RSS is.

Anonymous said...

What a shameful paper to edit a
critical line from a rebuff (that too was published only after it was published in The Chindu). No wonder these eminents do not want the entry of foreign newspapers in India lest they will not survive against them with their poor journalistic work.


Pilid said...

Thanks all for comments. Kaushik, given that the comment has appeared in the 'Letters to the Editor' section, I would think that Bhadrakumar has not acknowledged the error (so far). New York Times columnists often add a note at the end of their column acknowledging significant errors and any corrections made but I doubt Bhadrakumar will do that when he writes his next op-ed.

Anon #1, I never expected the 'meaty' part to make it to the pages of The Hindu but was a little surprised to see the portion about the Dalai Lama being published.

kuttychathan said...

The fact that Ram Madhav's rejoinder appeared in the chindu first, put pressure on Ram. That is why he published the letter. Otherwise it would have gone into the 'basket edition'. Hats of to chindu!!! (this blog and not ram's chindu!)

Kaushik said...

Ram Jaane Ram ke clarification ko Ram'ne kis tharah se pada aur specific statements ko omit kiya.