Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fwd: Commericalized religions mirror economic meltdown

this is good news. organized religion is a threat to humanity. it has wrecked more havoc than an individual or any other form of ideology. christianity has already splintered into various factions. the years of terrible factional wars are behind it and christians have moved on to more peaceful ways by discarding christianity and becoming mainstream fundamentals. while christians have adopted the hindu viewpoint of religion, christianity failed to move on after the religious is because it is still stuck in some event that occured 2000 years ago. as years go by, christianity can only get more irrelevant. recession is only accelerating the process.
on islam and reform, the less said the better.
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From: Girish

Organized religion was already in trouble before the fall of 2008. Denominations were stagnating or shrinking, and congregations across faith groups were fretting about their finances.
The Great Recession made things worse.
It's further drained the financial resources of many congregations, seminaries and religious day schools. Some congregations have disappeared and schools have been closed.

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Aryan Culler said...

The less said about this idiotic rant - the better. All religions are an utter waste of lives.