Monday, September 14, 2009

Has Ramzan made Pakistan insane?

Apparently all the fasting for Ramzan has made Pakistan insane.
Pakistan, once again, reminded India on Monday of the agreement at Sharm-el-Sheikh to share “actionable” intelligence to prevent future terrorist attacks, and urged re-activation of the joint anti-terror mechanism and composite dialogue for “pragmatic co-operation” in dealing with terrorism.

WTF! India should nuke the sh!t out of Pak just for making idiotic statements like these.

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I, Me, Myself ! said...

Maybe Pak wants credible intelligence (not that of the ISI) to come its way, and hence the reminder to share our intelligence with them ;-).

Last week, the Home Minister said the role of "state actors" cannot be ruled out. Today, apparently, the PM said that infiltration across LoC is increasing. Yet, we will again show to the world, at the next available opportunity, that we are willing to talk!

Pakistan will continue to keep reminding us about Sharm-el-Sheikh for many more years to come. That's a "sharam" we will have to live with!

- Sudhir