Monday, July 06, 2009

Where is the CPM template?

Why can't I find CPM or Left parties' view on the budget in today's edition? Where is the CPM template (eg: 1, 2, 3) which has served chindu's propaganda agenda for so long?
The Hindu : Front Page : BJP calls it a national disappointment
CPI(M) did indeed release a press statement disapproving of the budget. Is chindu moving along with times and acknowledging that CPM is a spent force even in its last bastion of WB and Kerala.
communist party of india (marxist)
The Budget placed by the Finance Minister in Parliament today is grossly inadequate in meeting the challenges of economic recession, growing job losses and declining purchasing power of the masses.
Also, interesting to note that N.Ram stamps his seal of approval on the budget, taking a position contrary to his party line. Blasphemy?
The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Focus on inclusive growth
The widening deficit certainly poses a major risk but it is a risk taken in pursuit of the broader objective of inclusive growth and may well be politically justifiable.
These are interesting times.


I, Me, Myself ! said...

The Hindu's editorial could have been a little more critical, I am not sure why the editorial approached this Budget with a diplomatic tone!

The media, in general seems to be missing a critical point. It's just plain irony that the section of people (middle/salaried class) most affected by the economic turbulence around, get the least in the budget!

The excessive focus on BPL people might not augur well for the society... take for instance the Food Security act. It talks only about providing Rice and Wheat at Rs.3 a kg for BPL families. Most of the state governments are already providing these at Rs.1 or Rs.2/-. Even in states that don't provide at these rates, rice and wheat are provided at Rs.5-6/- per kg. Now, what was the need to reduce this by just Rs. 2/-? This might prompt other state governments to get the rates lower. In today's time, I do not think Rs.5 or Rs.3/- really doesn't matter a lot to the BPL families too.

There is practically nothing for the middle class in the budget. There is no big talk about Infrastructure in this budget. The good things though are that the spending on social sector in increasing. This means that the government needs more revenue, and that it can extract only from the working class!

I wrote a more detailed analysis on my blog ... did't want to paste the whole thing here :)


kuttychathan said...

Well HF, you might have noticed it. There have always been periods of lucidity, for chindu. Now it is through one. The editorial took me back to the old times. It conspicuously tries to give a balanced view of the budget.

There are other surprises too. Please see the report by Ananth Krishnan on riots in China. Aonther one is the op-ed story on Mc Namara by one Pranay Gupta.He is not from the usual battery of experts who dominate the opinion pages. Only chindu would publish such articles. That is why I still read chindu.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

this budget has pushed the deficit to beyond 15% and that is not a good sign at all. remember, although inflation is near zero, food prices havent come down. only last week, the price of pulses shot up by around 15% in some regions. this is a socialist budget and does little to sustain the growth momentum.

kuttychathan, you are right. this is just an occasional lapse of sanity. very soon, it will be business as usual.