Monday, July 06, 2009

Goebbelisian propoganda at its finest

With the situation in Lanka getting settled slowly, LiC and his old buddy Mahinda "The great dictator" Rajapaksa had a tete-a-tete. This is being covered with great fanfare in the Chindu. Part I of the interview tackles the current situation of the refugees.
While Part II covers more of the war strategy.
Please read these two parts and let us know of your thoughts.


kuttychathan said...

Let me begin by pointing out one point I approve of, in the whole interview. Ram allows his interviewee(s) to speak freely and never cut them short in the middle. This is one quality totally absent in our journalists, especially of the visual media. Let me sincerely thank Ram for that.

On the whole, the interview gives one an impression of a school boy interviewing a dignitary for his school magazine. Ram always remain respectful of "His Excellency". He fails to take cues from what the president says.

Surprisingly, Ram a champion of minorities in India, allows Rajapakse to get away even with such astonishing statements like "there are no minorities in Srilanka".

I can imagine senior journalists in chindu, who have not yet lost their sense of media-ethics, squirming in their seats, when they see the sprawling interview appear in print.

kuttychathan said...

Please see the letter by B.Devadas, Palakkad, in today's Letters to the Editor column. I wonder how it managed to get through the secular filters. Perhaps, it is an act of subtle subversion by a sub-editor in charge of the column.

kuttychathan said...

Let me point out another point. Yesterday's issue (July 6) of The Hindu's Kerala Edition had 18 pages.

Of the 18 pages, only 7 were in colour (Of the 7 colour pages two were full page ads). For the yesterday's issue we paid a price of Rs. 3.75.

We, readers in Kerala are cross-subsidising the readers in other states.

Anonymous said...

What are the chances of this story landing in Chindus Front page. If it does by a miracle how do they spin this story?

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

it is especially annoying to watch the interviews on cnn-ibn.
on minorities, we occassionally hear a judge commenting on the need to eliminate the minority mindset. modi too expressed a sentiment that there are no minorities in gujarat. but the secular establishment has built its base on minority appeasement. so the media plays along.

kuttychathan said...

Anonymous friend, thank you. The story you have pointed out would not appear in chindu. I agree. But in the normal course chindu would have blacked out all news about riots in china. So the report by Ananth Krishnan is a pleasant surprise, by chindu's standards.

kuttychathan said...

Thank you HF, NDTV & Times Now are not very different from CNN IBN. It is sad that the CNN which gave the first name to Sardesai's channel, did not give it their values.