Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hoopla on the Ajmal trial

Chindu is among the pack of media hounds giving significant visibility on the Ajmal aka Kasab trial.
Like a note from the judge Tahaliyani who said,
We have to see whether he [Ajmal Amir] is really pleading guilty to all the charges levelled against him. Accepting or rejecting his plea comes at a later stage

Or the lawyer for one of the accused who claimed,
If he has given any statement against my client, I would like to check the veracity of the statement, and in order to do that,” said Shahbaz Rajput, “he has to be produced before the court here for cross-examination.

Can the media really be this stupid and follow a puppet show played to the audience, while the Government decides to hold iftar parties with a Paki government which cannot control a kid vandalizing a police station.


Raves n Rants said...

What else do u expect from the print n electronic media, which is completely church funded...

kuttychathan said...

DD..Let me invite your attention to another point. Kerala Edition of chindu used to have a minimum of 20 pages everyday, in the main section. Now that has fallen to 18. The opportunities section published on wednesdays used to be separate pull-out sections with a minimum of 6 pages. Now, for the last few weeks, Opportunities come part of the main section. We pay an exorbitant price of 3.75 every week-day for the paper. And usually, the number of pages in colour would be 6 in Kerala, while in other parts of the country, most of the pages are in colour.
Recently I have noticed that most of the advts carried by chindu come from govenment departments or public sector companies. May be a quid-pro-quo from friendly politicians for supporting them.
Compared to chindu, its sister publication 'the business line' is attractively produced. I often wonder whether the chindu is deliberately produced unattractively.