Friday, July 03, 2009

In today's news - Friday edition- Karat, 377, Moon walking and more

In today's news, CPM leader Prakash Karat pushed to the sidelines after the recent elections started raising the old commie bogeyman of foreign investment.
He expressed concern that the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government was trying to go ahead with its plans to open up the banking sector for foreign investment and allow foreign capital in the insurance sector, which he said were not in the interests of the country.

Apparently he would prefer his countrymen to be uninsured and unemployed than get paid by foreign companies.
In an editorial LIC commends the Center for
the Mayawati government for its spending on memorials and statues, drawing heavily from the Uttar Pradesh State exchequer brings welcome public scrutiny to an emphasis that has attracted considerable controversy.

Finally they drop the Dalit ke beti trash and start focusing on governance.

The Chindu has this annoying habit of kissing up to the Chinese however much they might pay them under the table. Read this statement and then tell me if an article around it is needed.
Last year the former NASA administrator, Mike Griffin, said he believed China had the capability to get to the moon and he wouldn’t be surprised if the next person to walk on the moon was Chinese.

I must say if Article 377 is MMS and co's strategy of bringing about religious unity, he has succeeded. The usual acerbic Muslim mullahs have asked for their brethren to condemn gay marriage.
The time has come for all religious leaders to unite on this issue and jointly protest the government’s proposed move to legalise gay rights. A consensus should be evolved for challenging the Delhi High Court order in the Supreme Court,” said Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umri, Amir (president) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind.

The entire article is filled with one hilarious statement after another.

Lastly in a show of solidarity between states, Mu Ka and BSY (karnataka CM) are opening statues of legendary poets Tiruvalluvar and Sarvagna.
If its for real solidarity why not open statues of say Trisha and Ramya which would show real solidarity :)

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kuttychathan said...

Please read the story " Visiting the Vavuniya IDP camps: an uplifting experience" in today's chindu. Last page. It is the best example of embededd journalism. Ram was taken around the refugee camps "thanks to the helicoptor and other facilities provided by the Defence Ministry" to see only those things the Srilankan Army wanted him to see. After the visit he has come to the conclusion "conditions in these camps are much better than what has been depicted, mostly second-hand, that is, without visiting the camps, in western media reports..." Evidently, the western journalists were not gullible enough to be taken on such a guided tour. Ram promises an exclusive,extensive interview with Rajapakse on Monday.

If I am correct, there is a saying in English, "tickle me Tobby, I will tickle you"

On exclusive interviews, chindu carries an 'exclusive' interview with Praful Patel today. I still don't understand how can they call it exclusive. Any journalist can walk into Praful's office and interview him, whenever they want. If I am correct, exclusive interviews should be really exclusive.. ie hard to come by.. I would like to know what my friends think...

Please read the op-ed page story "Turning Tamil Swords into Oriya ploughshares", by Sainath. Of the Tamils in Malkangiri, he says "They were opposed to the LTTE but are obviously very worried about the fate of Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka today. The more so they see no one standing between their people and the Sri Lankan army". Thank you never let us down..

The Commission looking into Orissa riots, submitted an interim report blaming conversions & reconversions for the riots. As expected chindu has blacked out the news.

harish said...

My nomination for Swine of the week Sanjana and Tarun Tejpal for this article

Debby said...

Why Harish, what's wrong with the Tehelka story?

Anonymous said...

Nothing much wrong. The Tehelka story is very secular only.

kuttychathan said...

Friends, please visit this page

Is it true???

kuttychathan said...

Oh.. sorry... the link got truncated while being posted... Let me try again

I think I have got it right this time...