Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All it takes is one line of idiocy to spoil an article

Praveen Swami is a writer for Chindu who attempts to keep the Chindu bias and propaganda to the minimum.
While the writers of this blog have given his columns much grief for its content, he does come up with interesting topics while keeping the content verbose. In a recent article
Where the state pays for teachers of hate Praveen tackles the decision of the J&K government to hire teachers linked to a hate mongering madrassa system. The entire piece is well written from the history to current day issues.
But he kills all the good will gained with one line,
Chief Minister Omar Abdullah — whose secular credentials are impeccable — must act to prevent the poisoning of the State’s school education system.

Omar A or mini-me (Farooq being Dr.Evil) has been one of the least secular persons from Kashmir.
His speech in the Parliament during the Amarnath row against the pilgrims and his party's stances during the Vajpayee lead government stands out.

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Hindu Fundamentalist said...

the subject itself is a bold one. i least expected it to appear on the impeccably secular chindu.