Sunday, July 26, 2009

10 years after Kargil, we remember but we do not act

I can hardly believe its been 10 years since the Kargil war. Every generation is defined by various events. One of the key events of ours is this war. At a time when popular mood was about peace with neighbors with Vajpayee and Nawaz Sharif talking reconciliation, India was rudely shocked by the occupation of the peaks of Himalayas around Kargil by the Pakistani Army supported militants. The response of India while evicting the occupiers did not extend to hitting back at the camps on the PoK side.
Time and again India has extended the olive branch only to be stabbed back. Now PM Manmohan Singh talks about a dual track diplomacy with Pakistan after the Mumbai attacks. Has he forgotten how Mumbai was held in siege by a dozen militants when the world was watching? What has been India's response to the attacks? Nothing.
Yesterday MMS paid respects to the martyrs of Kargil. In the Hindu Philosophies blog, a question was posed Is there anything like "absolute dharma"?
Here MMS is far from the pinnacle, he has forgotten the basic dharma of a leader of a nation, protecting his citizens. We can only pray that the next 5 years are not a repeat of the last 5 when it comes to national security. Here we respect our jawans and their families and pray for their safety. Next time you meet a person from our Armed forces, do spend a few minutes thanking them for the excellent job they are doing in spite of various hurdles. Jai Hind!


Karmasura said...
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Karmasura said...

Btw, my tributes to the jawan were payed in this post on another blog of mine..

Dirt Digger said...

thanks for your thoughts. It was truly moving to read your tributes to our fallen soldiers.
Let us hope for some everlasting peace.