Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Funny headlines on Chindu

Couple of funny headlines (well at least to my low brow humor standards :D )

Without Russia, Europe has no reliable source of gas
or how about this one, A(H1N1) vaccination must for Haj pilgrims Why should people who don't eat pig meat or anything associated with pigs be vaccinated for Swine flu? Why should the Government pay for it?

And a stupid one,
Teens think Twitter is pointless, after all All this from a survey of 1!!


Venkat Ramanan said...

Sorry for posting this here... Not sure if you noticed this.. Pallavi Iyer - Chindu's ex-China reporter had become a BS [Bus Standard lol] reporter in Brussels!! Here's her first non-sense article


Hindu Fundamentalist said...

Thanks Venkat Ramanan for the info. It will be intersting to see if she continues to be a BS reporter even in her new job in BS.

Deshabhakta said...

well, someone does not need to eat pig meat to catch swine flue. But I agree to your other point that govt should not pay for the vaccination. The 500 cr already doled out for the haj is way too much. while returning they should be asked to get a test done in saudi at their own expense and then only land in Bhaarat if they are -ve on flue.

Xinhua Ram said...

The Telegraph:
A team of Congress MLAs was chased across paddy fields by armed CPM activists this afternoon in a pocket of Burdwan rocked by political clashes since the Lok Sabha polls.


Congress team attacked at Mangalkot. CPI(M) denies involvement in the incident, promises action if any member is found guilty


Dirt Digger said...

Venkat Ramanan,
Thanks for posting. Its always nice to see Chindu alumni up to their usual stunts.

Dirt Digger said...

We can only hope :)
thanks much.

Dirt Digger said...

haha I wish someone had a video of the MLA's running!!
When Congress+ Mad Mamata win the next election, it will be hell to pay for the commies.

I, Me, Myself ! said...

I had an interesting observation (well, I have an observation - interesting or not, the readers can decide ;-) ).. read the comments from readers on the article Venkat Ramanan has sent - I bet it is the first time that Pallavi Iyer has been a direct witness to so many direct/valid/sometimes harsh/sometimes irrelevant comments! Some of them even gave point to point counter to what she has written!

I have followed her articles on China, and didn't actually dislike them. But this one is plain bad!

Wonder how she feels about getting about getting exposed to so much criticism..