Friday, July 10, 2009

Sycophants letters will be published!

Please read this letter published in today's newspaper,
Mr. Ram’s interview with Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa is at once revealing, enlightening, thought-provoking and inspiring. The President had become the master of the situation without allowing any grass to grow under his feet. Sincerity of purpose and the courage of conviction are reflected in his words.
One would like to be sure that the President guards the island nation’s integrity and makes suitable amends to the several injustices meted out to the Tamils in the past by liberally giving them their due.
N. R. Sathyamurty,

Is the interview really, enlightening, thought-provoking and inspiring?
We should really get our former Reader's editor to write a guest post to this blog. If anyone can, do forward this note to him.


kuttychathan said...

The situation in SriLanka is one issue that evokes strong emotions in Tamil Nadu. So, if Ram's interview of Rajapakse, that rolled on for three days, did not provoke any critical letters, that must be a miracle. But not one letter, not even mildly critical of the interview, has so far appeared in chindu. And the chindu always claims that what appears in print in the 'letters to the editor' column, is a representative selection of all the letters they receive.

Even though Ram often speaks about his admiration for Guardian, it is the People's Daily of China, which has been selected by Ram as his model to emulate.

Dirt Digger said...

Well said !! As though all the Tamilians in Chennai are supporting the heavy handed Rajapakse govt.
this is censorship to the core.