Saturday, July 18, 2009

Swine of the Week - Week ending July 17th 2009

This week's winner of the CBCNN's SOW contest (prize money - Nigerian oil money - email is on the way) - Karthik, Xinhua Ram and Sudhir as discussed in Pilid's post here's this week's Swine and Jackass. Without further ado:
The first person who should be kicked out of Parliament for treason is the present Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Why is that? India has been a target of numerous attacks direct and indirect from its neighbor in the West - Pakistan. The most recent incident happening in Mumbai which was sponsored by LeT which owes its allegiance to the ISI Pak's intelligence agency. Of course now given Pakistan's internal struggles with the snakes it raised has given it some international sympathy. But shouldn't national security be MMS' main priority?
So MMS takes a trip to Sharm-el-Sheikh to pow-wow with Gilani. But rather than raising hell with Gilani about inaction in investigation of the Mumbai attacks for close to a year, MMS comes back making a composite statement which says India and Pakistan can continue their diplomatic relations while Pak will search for the killers. WTF!
Here's your swine of the week.

While most media outlets have raised their voice against the passive stance of the Indian diplomats, the Chindu expresses anger that people are demanding action from an Indian government which got nothing out of Pakistan.
There is nothing in the language of the latest India-Pakistan joint statement to warrant the ill-informed cries of ‘sell-out’ that have rung out at home.

Here's another joke from the LiC;
While Pakistan has taken more meaningful action in the aftermath of Mumbai than it has perhaps taken in the past three decades of cross-border terrorism...

Hence the Jackass of the week is LiC.
(I regret that I have not been consistent in the past, but hope to make this a more regular feature again).

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