Monday, July 20, 2009

Looking back at 1962

This is a link I found at Shantanu's blog -Never Again the Same
It talks about the war of 1962 which was a war of reality that India could not trust its so called friends(China) and how countries it did not want to align with (US,UK, Australia) actually came to its aid.
More importantly this is a time when our own countrymen (CPM in particular) worked on behalf of the enemy for reasons that should be categorized as treason. A habit not forgotten by the present editor in chief of Chindu.


kuttychathan said...

Talking about treason & chindu, let me invite your attention to a photograph that appears in page 10 of today's chindu. It is of police constable Arun Jadhav, a witness in the Mumbai blst case. Normally chindu does not publish such photos. I have a strong suspicion that the photo was deliberately published so that chindu's jehadi comrades could identify the witness and threaten him into submission.

chindu's new reader's editor vis-chaprasi, has risen (or sunk?) to my expectations. Please see his column that appeared on monday. He is dutifully washing Kasturi family's dirty linen in public.
I think our 'Jackass Of The Week' title for this week should go to Vis-chaprasi, who made an ass of himself, right away in his very second column.

T. Chaturvedi said...

Natwar Singh is again back in today's newspaper! Thankfully, he just wrote a letter and not an article this time.

Nevertheless, he has again given us great "insights" on the mindset of Indira Gandhi and how he "adeptly" handled the uneasiness between Amstrong and Indira!

Way to go, Natwar!

Anonymous said...

Natwar was there on all momentous occasions, personal witness to history. There were a few other IFS/Foreign afffairs wallahs like him (T.N. Kaul and D.P. Dhar) in the Delhi durbar who were proud of their direct access to the PM.

Anonymous said...


Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for the note. will introduce this guy to our readers.

Dirt Digger said...

thats 2 Interesting articles I have missed on the same day! let me check it out.

Dirt Digger said...

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