Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Swines of the week - mid week edition

Yes this is an early edition. Due to time constraints I was not able to get the right photos. But here goes,
  • Swine #1: As pointed out by reader CodeNameV - a beloved Indian economist Amartya Sen who claimed,
    I am on Left and if Left want me I’m delighted.

Apparently the criticism of the Leftist intelligentsia (aka village idiots) has stung Amartya that he wants to rebuild those bridges.
  • Swine #2: Is an old favorite of this blog, good old Sidd Varadarajan for his support Manmohan Singh's asinine actions and abject capitulation vis-a-vis Pakistan during the recent summit.

That is why Dr. Singh was careful to emphasise on Wednesday the need for India to make sincere efforts to live in peace with Pakistan, to reach “an honourable settlement of the problems between us,” to keep channels open. “Unless we want to go to war with Pakistan, dialogue is the only way out,” he asserted at the end of his speech, “but we should do so on the basis of ‘trust but verify’.”

Really Sidd, do you expect us to believe this bunch of BS? Let us say hypothetically there is another attack in Indian soil by Pak sponsored militants in the near future. Where does this leave the Indian Government? Are we again going to beat our breasts and complain that Pakistan govt. could not control the militants? Or are we going to continue the dialogue as you so smartly analyzed that without dialogue this problem cannot be solved? Lets face it Pakistan has no interest in controlling the militants from attacking India. The only reason why we have not seen more attacks is the pressure by the US government to handle certain groups within Pakistan which has forced the ISI and the Army to take action.
MMS has done precious little to bolster India's national security and his actions expose him for what he is.


I, Me, Myself ! said...

I think MMS is trying to get the image of a "statesman" as soon as he can.

He is gloating over this - "The reality is that this is far more than the NDA government was ever able to extract from Pakistan during its entire tenure despite all their tall talk.".

I would have given full marks to that statement had he achieved this same result in the EXACT same circumstances that NDA government functioned under. Had he been able to extract this confession without so many terror attacks, all of us would have every reason to be proud about the "achievement".

What still beats me is the fact that he is dispaying a huge sense of urgency to talk to Pak! It's as if he in a race, trying to win. Just that we don't know who he is running against!!

I wrote an open letter to him on my blog.

- Sudhir

Pilid said...

When 26/11 happened, Sidd claimed diplomacy is the answer. When Pakistan admitted that some of its people may have been involved, he gloats that this is more than the NDA government ever achieved.

Regarding the first, we all know now how well Pakistan's own investigation has progressed, how many people have been tried and convicted and how much action has been taken in dismantling the infrastructure. Sidd's justification is that this is all that they are able to do and we must somehow bear with it. I suppose we ought to thank him for that enlightening comment.

Regarding the second claim, there is again precious little to back it up. Terrorist infrastructure continued to exist in Pakistan during the Vajpayee days just as it does today. But the Vajpayee government obtained a commitment following its 2001 mobilization which did not hold fully but did lead to a decline in infiltration cross the LoC which, since then, has resulted in a fall in the number of attacks in Kashmir even though they have not stopped. What is the comparable achievement of the Singh government besides kind words from across the border? Somehow no one seems to remember this despite the fact that Kashmir makes less news today than it did ten years ago.

I, Me, Myself ! said...

Pilid - excellent points.

One more point I realised while debating the issue with a friend last night was that Vajpayee and Musharaf signed a declaration a full 3 years after Parliament was attacked. And at that point of time, getting an assurance from a swine like Musharaff that their territory will not be used for terrorism was in itself an achievement. That, and the point you mentioned about reduction in infiltration were something "that was more than done every before" at that point of time. Many see the failure of Agra summit as a blot, but I think by refusing to bow to the illogical references Mush wanted, Vajpayee came out much stronger than before.

Contrast that to MMS. It took him just 7 months to extend an invitation for dialogue, just two days (he says he got the dossier two days before the summit), to decide to alter our policy and then 12 more days to come out and say " Dude, I am a good person like Vajpayee, so why blame me?" How convieniently they link two events that took place in entirely different circumstances!

Also, I wanted to draw attention to three news items in Hindu today (one of them is being covered by the entire media too).

The first one is the front page headline " Sonia speaks out in defence of PM". Firstly, I believe that the headline should read " Sonia reads out in defence of PM", because that is all she is capable of! The second news item is tugged away in the inside pages, "Sonia asks states to keep strictest vigil on prices". I just have a simple query - how come Sonia never participates in debates in the Parliament? I don't recall her standing up and speaking on any issue in the last 5 years. Why is the media so silent about this ridiculous silence?

The third item is a line from our fav Neena Vyas. While covering BJP's response, she writes this- "Ms. Swaraj said that while it was true that the National Democratic Alliance government under Atal Bihari Vajpayee had continued to talk to Pakistan despite Kargil, the Parliament attack, and a host of other major terrorist strikes,"

A host of attacks, Neena? Let's see. You already mentioned Kargil and Parl. Then we have Kandahar and Akshardham. And then we have...hmm..(raking my head)...that's right Neena....NOTHING !! If these are "host of attacks", what about those under the gem Shivraj Patil?

It's been a long post :) will end it now :) !

- Sudhir

CodeNameV said...

Jaswant Singh’s Op-ed in The Hindu on Ji Xianlin. Was wondering if you came read it.

In the very first Paragraph, Jaswant Singh says "secretly translated Ramayan into Chinese". I guess the Chinese masters are surely going to be miffed by this! However, this article makes for a good read, especially since Ji Xianlin is the only Chini so far to be awarded Padma.

CodeNameV said...

I think I,Me,Myself is absolutely right in his open letter to MMS about his dreams of being the most important DUDE in the South Asian political scene.

I think we may call this "Mission Be'Sharam'" success! Why you may ask. Heres why.

Hillarious last line if you ask me - "The Cold Warriors in India should take heed from what Mr Singh has said. Indeed, the brave statesmanlike initiatives of the Pakistani and Indian leaders should be applauded"

Deshabhakta said...

i hope the next terrorist attack happens on those who are saying we should talk even if attacks continue.

Indian Nationalist said...

MMS is a joke

Read my blog.