Sunday, November 02, 2008

Lack of logic or consistency when accusing Hindutva activists of terrorism

Secular media has always felt the need to defend Islamic terrorism even when the problem is dire and threatens almost every state in India (except perhaps Jammu and Kashmir where its part of their DNA). Now the Malegaon blasts and the alleged involvement of a Sadhvi and army men have given ammunition to the secular media to blast the Hindutva brigade of terrorism.
LiC and his cronies have decided to jump on the rooftops and shout that no one is innocent in an article, Hindutva’s terror link.
Why is this editorial so biased?

  • It does not take into account due process of the law or the fact that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The same standards it used for Islamic terrorists who have killed in the thousands.

  • LiC contradicts news published by his own newspaper check this out,
    In the editorial,
    a militant section of the Hindutva network was behind the September 29 bomb blasts in Muslim-dominated Malegaon in Maharashtra and Modasa in Gujarat has shattered the myth propagated by the Hindutva campaign that only Islamist fundamentalism breeds terrorism.

    However in another article in the Chindu the same day, 'Clean chit to Pragya in Modasa blast case'
    A police spokesman said here on Saturday that a team of the Gujarat police, which was present during the interrogation of the Sadhvi for the Malegaon bomb blasts, found nothing against her and her alleged associates in the Modasa blast case.

A fellow blogger Shantanu in his blog has a series going on about 'The Great Joke that is Indian Media' which provides biased coverage from other sources.
There is no denying that Hindutva groups have to act responsibly in society and not go barbarically setting off bombs, otherwise their claim would ring hollow. However the media has shirked its normal cautious wait and respond mode by jumping on hanging the accused before a trial. The ATS is still gathering evidence and yet to respond with its analysis. In rushing to deliver judgment LiC has proved once again that biased reporting is a hallmark of Chindu these days.


Anonymous said...

Actually, given the paper's pro-terrorist and pro-violence sympathies, how do we know thast the hindu has not been infiltrated by elements sympathetic to islamic and marxist terrorists?

reason said...

The real news is not in the lying chief scoundrel's editorial but in the letters to the editor that have followed on the 4th and 5th of november. On the 4th, the first three letters are from Muslims, next three christian, which take the editor's line to blame Sangh/BJP and use the occasion to say terrorism has no religion. The next three, one Hindu name and other two muslims, not so enthusiastic. Mahesh kumar's letter says 'dont say Hindu terorrism', Haneef says 'blasts have happened in all states, dont blame BJP'.

On the 5th, the day after, the fount of secularism dries pretty seriously. Only four letters, two taking the LiCs line, but the other two say if there is Hindu terrorism it is because the government failed to finish off jihadi terror. Does that not sound like justifying Hindu terrorism? I am mighty pleased.

If Hindus are indeed this polarised and justify 'Hindu' terrorism, then the writing is clearly on the wall. The scoundrel can read it if he bothers to.