Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Hindutva Terror" the insanity continues

Chindu in its quixotic quest to associate any unknown bombing to the evil geniuses of "Hindutva Terror" has decided to up the ante by associating them to blasts in Madhya Pradesh. All this is in an article titled,
Politics helped Hindutva terrorists

There are several questions which Praveen Swami does not dare tackle, like for example why the sudden interest in these cases after 6 years.
Who are the "informants" who have suddenly appeared out of the woodwork?
Madhya Pradesh police, the sources said, soon developed information linking the attempted bombings to local Hindutva activists, Ramnarayan Kalsangram and Sunil Joshi.

Police "developed" information, now that sounds like painting Hindutva supporters with little evidence.
Can someone explain the difference between anti-social groups planting a few bombs against fascist groups targeting certain groups by killing and maiming many. Chindu has taken the low road here by fighting for secular ideology against fairness in the justice system.

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Anonymous said...

if you are in india, what has been the reaction of Hindus to this continuous media coverage on hindu terrorism and hyperactive leaks from maharashtra ATS? india is no stranger to terrorism, and the past incidents of terrorism have not stayed on the headlines for more than a day.